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Cognitive challenges after stroke

Bill was a flight attendant for 12.5 years and he had a youtube channel about his career. Suddenly he had a stroke last year and while recovering, he uploaded videos of his recovery and symptoms. One of the videos I found while searching for short term memory loss inspired by the movie called “Memento” is ‘How my short term memory loss effect my daily life’.


The symptoms you can see through this video just have passed 2 months after he had a stroke. He has speech/language problems, slow and cautious behavioral style and short term memory loss. He had to write down what he will speak first and read it by paying special attention to his words.He said he likes to read and watch tv but they are too much for him to understand. He also mentioned that he wanted to express himself but he couldn’t find a word for the right expression sometimes. Even sentences he made don’t make sense; that’s the reason why the video is pretty long. He also complained of his pain on the right arm. This means he has paralysis on his right side of the body which is because the left hemisphere of the brain controls the right side of the body. In other words, these symptoms indicate that the stroke occurred in the left side of the brain and the right side of brain is also affected. It seemed especially Broca’s area where controls speech function got damaged.

Bill is affected by aphasia, which makes him speak in short or incomplete sentence. He also has amnesia, which is the short-term memory loss and inability to recall new information. Yet he is able to recall old memories. Here is more informations about strokes, including strokes in both the right brain and the left brain. This article also introduces some simple methods to improve memory.


This is a PET scan of a brain taken from a post-stroke person who was also injured in the left brain. This person also had aphasia like Bill and there is more information here about what PET imaging offers and how the recovery works.


http://www.discoverymedicine.com/Marcelo-L-Berthier/2011/10/11/recovery-from-post-stroke-aphasia-lessons-from-brain-imaging-and-implications-for-rehabilitation-and-biological-treatments/  .

It was good to explore about strokes on youtube by watching Bill’s previous and recent videos and learning about brain damage by stroke by researching. As you can see in the recent videos, his treatment and efforts seemed to be worked well and he seemed like he is getting better about speaking. His paralysis of the right side got better by physical therapy, as well. It is always good to watch youtube videos and research about what you want to learn more, especially this research helped me a lot. Usually people know brain damage is mostly from falls, traffic accident, and firearms but it can also be happened by stroke. If there is a person who wants to learn more about brain damage and imaging in the future, I hope they could help someone to recover by their great research.

Here is more about imaging, which I excluded from the post. If you have an interest in imaging, there are a lot of informations about which imaging was effective to people who have amnesia or aphasia ; http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1528-1167.2008.01782.x/full