Instructions for Posting

Our class will be creating a group blog this semester.  The goal is to give you the opportunity to see how Cognitive Psychology is relevant to our work, home, and school lives, and for you to make connections between the abstract research we talk about in class and practical applications of that research.

Your task is to find (or create) interesting cases of Cognitive Psychology showing up in “real life,” and comment on them.  I’m especially interested in Cognitive Psych. in the media, since our field is becoming very trendy.

Comments should relate what we learn in class to real life and to other media.  The best posts will also include connections to the original scientific research.  All ideas must be original or cited appropriately.

Blog posts can take lots of different forms.  You are welcome to make up your own format Some possibilities are:

  • Find a mention of Cognitive research in social media and comment on it
  • Find a mention of Cognitive research in news media and comment
  • Write a movie review from a Cognitive research point of view
  • Write an original study tip based on Cognitive research
  • Write an original life hack based on Cognitive research
  • Find a laughably bad misunderstanding of cognition and correct it
  • Create a cognitive meme and explain it.

Click here for full instructions. (Cognitive students only)