Learning from online vs campus

Recently I have been wondering how most college switching to online classes would affect students learning. The Brookings Institution suggest that online classes can be very beneficial to students by helping target the causes of learning problems and helping traitor questions to help the student excel. However, they also say that students that do not highly excel in the traditional classroom tend to fall remarkably in learning when given online classes, which leads to more withdraws and dropouts. Therefore, most students benefit greatly from the traditional classroom. This is different from what University of the Potomac says which is “70% of all students claim online instruction to be as good as or better than in a traditional classroom;” along with on standardized test average score of classroom learners was 50th percentile, while average score of online learners was 59th percentile. Salt Lake Community College states that “Arguments can be made for both sides, but what it ultimately comes down to, is an individual’s preference in receiving their education,” which brings up an exceedingly good point. After the many articles I have read, many more than are referenced, have brought me to a similar conclusion. Whether you think that on campus classes are better for you cause you believe that hands-on activities or more conversation style lectures work better; or that online classes are better for you cause you believe the looser time limits or videos lectures that you can rewatch are better, it is all up to your personal preference. Just remember that you can get it into your memory one way or another, and in a time where we do not have an option, use the internet to your advantage, watch more videos or do more worksheets to help yourself understand. The internet has many resources to help you through this.

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2 thoughts on “Learning from online vs campus

  1. adill98

    Good job on this post! This change of going from in class lecture to strictly online has been challenging and taken time to adjust. I believe that I do better when classes are in person. I feel like I learned better with hands on, and having a schedule kept me more put together and not forgetful about certain school work. Doing classes online in my opinion is harder. I may still have somewhat of a schedule but it’s nothing compared to the schedule I had before this whole thing started.

  2. tsmith24

    There is definitely a change from learning on-campus to learning online. I also agree that it depends on the person on how the transition can affects ones learning. I agree that learning and taking classes online is harder because I have to change my already set mindset to how I have operate at home. People usually have a routine they create while learning/living on-campus based on their schedule. While people have a different routine that is established when at home because we associate it to being on a break and not having work to do.

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