Serial Position Effect Within Advertising

In psychology there is a term that is called the serial position effect. This effect can be broken down into two other effects. These effects describe why we have trouble remembering what we read in the middle of a list compared to what we read at the beginning and end of a list. The primacy effect is when a subject remembers the first few items, and the recency effect is when a subject recalls the last few items. During this time period the demand for online marketing has largely increased over the past few years. Some of those include shopping and news companies and cooperations.These effects are used by these business owners to get the most out of their websites.

In a study it was discovered that links on a website at the top as well as the bottom were clicked on more, compared to ones in the middle of their website. It also showed that the business should put their most important link at the very top, and the next important link at the bottom. This is because some people don’t like to dig deep in websites to find what they want, so they click the first thing they see. They also do this because some people skip around a website from top to bottom and just scan through, and with a link at the bottom it will be driven into the persons short term memory.

Another study was done on how consumers react to seeing a random order of tent ads. All of the tents had different features like color, waterproofing, and closures. The consumers were 2.5 times likelier to choose the first tent over the rest of them no matter what the features of the tent consisted of. This showed that the subjects that were buying the tents based their decision not on any feature, but just solely on the tent being first in the list.

Some news outlets set up their stories on their websites by placing the article that they want to promote the most, first on the list. They usually put a story that showed attraction to readers the first time they posted it. This will allow those companies to gain the max readers that they are able to obtain, to read their stories.

When talking about products being sold on the internet, and the review section of that product, it directly correlates to the serial position effect. When a consumer is reading the reviews, and they gain a good impression from the first review, they will carry that in their head while reading the rest. As they continue reading the reviews their opinion of this product might take a turn for the worse as they start seeing negative reviews. At this point the consumer is thinking about not purchasing the product, but just before they stop reading the reviews, they begin reading more positive reviews. When reading those and then thinking about the first review, this helps them confirm that they actually want to purchase the product. This shows that the primacy effect and the recency effect teamed up to make the product sound like a good idea for the consumer to purchase it.

After reading through these different sources and the research that each source provided, I believe that it is very important for businesses to take the serial position effect into thought. This could help so many businesses take a huge step in the right direction. Each of my sources provided detailed knowledge that was directly related to the serial position effect. I think that this effect can not only help online businesses but also in person business grow as well. This effect could help a business not only if they are struggling, but also if they are striving.

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