Tasting The Rainbow

RainbowI read a really interesting article onĀ npr about Synestheisa. I read it outside the context of this class and it was written a few years ago, but I still found it interesting. I knew going into this post that this topic was going to be among the popular ones, but I thought since we were all coming at it from a different angle, it would still be interesting. Then i remembered that i had read this article and realized that it would be interesting to focus on. I found this topic intriguing because I feel that it can easily be confused with things like it. I don’t know about you, but I can sometimes feel the texture of food whenever i hear the word attached to it. I know there were also others in class who felt that on some level they related to synesthesia. Synesthesia is the idea that when something is stimulated in one sense, it is experienced in a totally different sense. For example hearing a word and it triggering a feeling. However, it was through this article that i realized that only 1% of people have these associations through food a drink, leading me to believe that in fact the way I experienced things may not actually be through synesthesia, but through something else. Without giving away exactly what is in this article, they talk about how someone sees whine with a blue, flowing color, They also explain someone who doesn’t know color but she can taste it. This article opened a much bigger question for me that i wanted to discuss with all of you. Is synesthesia much deeper than we think? after reading the article, I began to think that there are easy connections we make between smells and feelings, but that is not necessarily synestheisa at work. Rather synesthesia is rare and less felt than most people think.

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  1. awaltrip

    I don’t have synesthesia, and I had never heard of it before class. I think that there is the possibility for many different types of related cognitive connections. Obviously they are not all called synesthesia or even under the category of it, but it is the connection of senses that is the category.

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