Journey of Language

Have you ever thought about how interesting language is?

Well if you’re like me, you have definitely thought about it.

A video by Neuro Transmissions gives a brief walk through on the basics of language in humans. The video starts by discussing how language is universal and unique to all humans and that babies learn language only by being exposed to it in their environment. If you think about it, that’s actually pretty cool! Now, you might be wondering about those who are hearing impaired; those with hearing issues actually learn language (sign) the same way as those who are hearing do. Through their environment! If they are in a household that signs they will pick up sign just as quickly as a child in a hearing family would learn to speak. Children who are hearing impaired but are in a hearing family may also begin to create their own “home” signs if not formally taught sign language.

You may be wondering, what about those that have brain damage? Well, this video gives a good foundation in talking about two different kinds of aphasias. When there is damage to the Broca’s area, the individual is able to understand the language happening around them; however they are unable to communicate their thoughts. Otherwise known as Expressive Aphasia. On the other hand, when there is damage to the Wernicke’s the individual has difficulty understanding language but no problem producing it. This is also known as Fluent Aphasia. I found this video interesting because a few years ago I began to follow a couple on Instagram, who were going through a journey of recovery from an auto accident. Jonny Grant suffered severe brain trauma and was left unable to speak or walk. Jonny’s wife, Laura, and a team of speech pathologists worked intensely with Jonny in order to regain the ability to speak. Through documenting Jonny’s journey on Instagram it was clear that he knew what people were saying, but he was unable to get the words out.

This video was exciting to watch because I was able to make a connection in my personal life about people that I have invested in following.

If you want to check out Jonny’s progress their Instagram is @laurabpilates

Let me know what you guys think!


2 thoughts on “Journey of Language

  1. kownbey

    I definitely think language is cool. I’ve been trying to learn both Spanish and Italian for the past couple of month and I love it. I’m also really interested in sign language. I often wonder how they learn to literally talk with their hands, something that would most likely take me forever to master. It truly is amazing. I also often wonder what “language” people think in when they are born without the ability to hear. This would be a pretty cool topic to study further. Anyways, yeah. You definitely aren’t alone here! Language is awesome! Great post.

  2. sbalenger

    I definitely think language is super interesting! I’m extremely jealous of people who can speak more than one language. After growing up with some Spanish and Hungarian spoken at home, taking 3 years of Spanish in high school, and 2 years of Latin in college, I can speak enough Spanish to order food and get me to a bathroom. It’s quite sad, but that’s just not my strength.

    From working with kids doing ABA though, I find it interesting how some kids develop language typically in the sense that they learn based on their environment and have no speech issues, but other kids who will have an environment where they are set up for success can develop language and have speech issues. Specifically, I work with one teen who has a lot of trouble pronouncing words, but grew up with multiple older siblings and parents who do not have any speech development delays. I also have another teen the same age who may not be considered as high functioning as the other teen, but has great speech. I just think it’d be interesting to look further into how speech develops with language.

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