As I was thinking of something to write about for my February blog post, I immediately thought to write about how to increase attention span and focus more during lectures and while studying and doing my homework. I have struggled for many years with maintaining focus during activities and daydreaming. It is like my brain is incapable, especially when I am not interested in the topic. I took to the internet to try and find an article that gave good ideas and tips for staying focused while doing school work.
I was reading an interesting journal about ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and thought that the tips that they used for kids/adults who had ADHD would work just as well for students who are having trouble staying focused while doing homework. I started to read and found that doing homework in an area that is secluded and has little to no pictures or posters hanging around the walls around you. “An unorganized room filled with unfinished projects and wall-to-wall displays can be very distracting (Reiber and McLaughlin, 2004).” That made me immediately think of the treehouses in the Simpson library because they are little tiny rooms that are secluded, with little to no distraction. Another good tip to maintaining focus is making a schedule for your day before your day starts and to also print out the lecture notes and bring them to class. Writing out your schedule for the day will help students know what is coming next in their day. This will help keep your attention on what things you should be doing and will also most likely help with time management as well. With students printing their notes before class, this will aid in also knowing what is coming next, and the student will follow along with their professor and even make notes on the lectures notes that had been printed out in advanced.
I liked reading this journal and learning new tips for how to stay focused because I for one am someone who struggles with maintaining my focus during class and while completing my homework. I also know I am not the only one who struggles with this. So I hope it can help someone out in the class. This journal relates to class because we have been taking a look out how peoples attention can be easily directed to a different object or subject while completing and object or even just having a conversation with someone.


2 thoughts on “Focusing

  1. wharris2

    I enjoyed reading your blog post because I personally struggle to focus in class and studying as well. In regards to the tips provided, I would have to say that I agree that working in a secluded area helps me to focus on the task, but I find that creating a schedule on what needs to get done during the day stresses me out more than it helps me to focus. Hopefully future research will continue to develop more strategies to help with focusing!

  2. sbalenger

    I enjoyed this post as someone who is constantly thinking about the millions of other things I have to do and thus lacking the ability, or maybe the effort, to focus in class and during studying/homework. I have no clue why, but the only way I can get anything done is if I am alone with earbuds in, listening to instrumental music that is calming. However, it is RARE that I can get myself to actually do that. I wish there was an answer as to why people feel like they have a lack of motivation/inability to focus especially when it comes to tasks they find important.

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