The Most Effective Way to Study

There are always a handful of people who have trouble studying for school and could use a few study tips. Whether it comes from time management or not taking useful notes. But one thing that I know every student battles with is cramming information the night before a big test. Students think that cramming for a test the night before will help them remember the information more efficiently the next day while taking the test.

This article highlights many study tips for college students and more efficient study habits. One of the study habits it explained was why cramming for a test is not the right way to go for studying. It explains why cramming is not a good study habit for a test or quiz, but instead a student should study the material for about thirty minutes every day. Studying over a longer period of time is better for learning repeated information, as well as rereading things from past topics. The cognitive principle being applied is memory retention. The article underlines that studying for hours on end the day before a big test is not effective. It overloads the brain and therefore, memory of the topics studied is lost. The brain retains information much more efficiently when studying is done in increments. The brain can have time to understand and fully memorize the material being applied.

This paper was a very good read because I believe most students have a lot of trouble with successful study habits. Students may not know that cramming for a big test the night before is not helpful. While reading this paper, I learned just how important it was to study in increments and not all in one day. The authors of this paper seemed to understand the reasoning behind the research and why studying in increments instead of cramming is more useful to students while memorizing and learning information.

The paper is a good source due to the fact that it gives out helpful tips for students who may need the extra help in time management and bettering their study habits. This topic was very interesting to learn about because many students do not know about this certain study habit. Many students tend to study the night before a test for hours and hours which can cause stress and a lack of sleep, which will make them preform worse on the test. If only more students knew about putting aside thirty minutes a day, their grades could increase due to a positive change in their study practices. The research behind this study tip I believe is credible because authors are psychology professors from Carleton College and Washington University in St. Louis. It was also published by the Association for Psychology Sciences which is a credible source. The information these authors talked about seemed to be relevant and true. Cramming for a test or quiz is too much information to take on, and most of the information studied will be gone the next day.

3 thoughts on “The Most Effective Way to Study

  1. ellsonke

    THIS!!! My roommate always pulls all-nighters the night before an exam in order to cram, and then she clocks out for the rest of the day. Not only is this a poor studying decision, it’s also horrible for her sleep schedule! (Not to completely call her out or anything, I love her.) While I can completely understand the basis for studying 30 minutes a day, I’d be interested in seeing the differences in varied studying methods. Are flashcards better than rewriting notes, for example? I do think a good part of it is our personal preferences – if there’s a study method we particularly enjoy, we’ll probably be more willing to spend more time studying.

  2. awaltrip

    I always try my best to study far in advance and then study for about 2 hours the day before on the things that I have had a hard time grasping. I have always found this helpful while taking the test, because I can visualize the information on the pages that I studied.

  3. chooker

    This was super helpful!!!! I have also always thought that reading the night before was super helpful because your brain will retain it more because you saw it and that way you can remember everything. I always try and study in advance but time always gets away from me so I end up waiting two days before or the night before and then end up stressing out so much. Studying for 30 mins a day, will most likely help my grades and not being super stressed out!

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