Artificial intelligence, Useful?

We learned about many different types of intelligence such as emotional, generalized, specialized, fluid and crystallized. What about artificial intelligence? With all the technology that is in our society today and within our everyday life. I mean could we really live without it? People older then us always joke about this generation and ones behind us not even knowing what a map is. What they really mean is that we don’t know how to use one, because when did we ever need to? So all of this is true and honestly I would not be able to use a map if I needed to and I would not have one handy. At the end of the day, is artificial intelligence in schools a good idea? Would it benefit our students today? 

Forbes looked at what a school infused with artificial intelligence would look like on a day to day basis. For example, when the bus was near you would get a text on your phone that you should start heading to the bus stop. If during the day there is an opening spot in the lab they will send you a text because they know you haven’t finished your project yet. Another example of the system is that you could get an alert that your friend sitting in a classroom down the hall needs help with her Spanish and that is one if your strengths. That’s pretty cool, right? 

Forbes gives different ways that a school with artificial intelligence would benefit. It would provide educators with “up to the minute data on the efficacy of learning interventions based on national or even global data.” Another way it would lead to more success is by showing teachers the way that students are emotionally reacting to the material and the way it is being presented. As well as “coaching students based on a range of factors from performance to specific learning needs.” 

They stated in the article that the way that schools are currently run would make transforming to this way too hard. And I agree. If the education system is looking for new programs that will translate language efficiently and other software that will make learning an instant process. Is this really learning? All of the administrative aspects of the intelligence is helpful but not when it “learning” for you. I believe that the slow process of learning is what makes it so special and unique to each individual. Everyone struggles at something so yes, having technology that would do it for us might be helpful in the short term but you would never engrain that knowledge into who you are. A big part of who you are is what you know and are interested in. 

Instead, school systems and universities need to utilize all the different types of intelligence that are recognized and used within schools today, meanwhile incorporating artificial intelligence. When you utilize fluid intelligence, the ability to take on new problems and situations and then adapt and change with those. Here you have a lot of adaptability and this is vital in school settings. You have to adapt to the way the class is taught and the difficulty level of the class starting from elementary through college and into post graduate as well. Within crystallized intelligence, this is something that you need for the rest of your life and improves with age and experience. Crystallized intelligence is a combination of the knowledge you have acquired over the years from verbal all the way to your experiences. 

I’m just imagining a school that utilized all of these different types of intelligences and really focused on the importance of truly learning in school. Being able to acquire knowledge and use that to problem solve when something new and unique is thrown your way. All the while, incorporating artificial intelligence when you need to take the short cut or solve something quicker. This would be beneficial in solving the “subgoals” of the means – end analysis strategy. You have to solve small goals in order to eventually solve the end goal that is bigger. For example, in a college course you have to make a goal to read the corresponding textbook chapter each week to then be able to pass the test. Once you have passed all the test and read all the textbook chapters during the semester, you set yourself and have acquired the knowledge to pass the final exam and then the class. When you are working toward your end goal of passing the course you have to use all the different types of intelligence.


2 thoughts on “Artificial intelligence, Useful?

  1. sydneydahl

    I really liked reading this! I knew that schools were working with fluid and crystallized intelligence (especially with the AP and SAT prep); however, the idea of a school emerged in artificial intelligence seems so strange. When I was reading the paragraph on what it would be like, it felt like a dystopian novel! I agree that schools shouldn’t do that, but instead focus on what we have as like you said slow learning makes us unique.

  2. megananderson513

    Every time I think of the world being run by artificial intelligence, I think of WALL-E and The Terminator. They make artificial intelligence out to be a bad thing for the world, but I think it would be pretty awesome to have some of this technology in the school systems. I especially like the idea of the AI to remind you about projects and being helpful with assignments. It’s sad to know that our school systems are not going to be able do this, but maybe they can try to see what other systems they can put in place. That way everyone learns the best way.

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