Organization and Cognition

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed when studying, doing work, and trying to get assignments turned in on time?  If you have, you are not alone but if you are unorganized and don’t have a system to do all of those things listed above it can be 10 times more stressful than it already is.

So what exactly is organization and planning?  Planning is the ability to choose how to do a task, and to list all the steps of the task. Planning also requires the individual to decide what they will need to do the task and in the case of college students like ourselves; it would be the assignment requirements, the necessary textbooks, your preferred writing instrument and something to do the assignment on like your laptop or notebook.  During the planning you should also estimate approximately how long it will take to complete the assignments.  So, since the planning is done you’ve already gotten more organized and just need to carry out the plan which is where keeping the plan can be hard for some people.

Organization is having the ability to essentially follow the plan that you had previously made and have the ability to know the time that each thing takes like an assignment or extra curricular activity.  Another perk about being organized and knowing how to do it, is to be able to adjust the plan and it not mess up the entire plan so flexibility is also very important.  But, having all of this planing done and being organized will be the most beneficial in a clean and organized environment.  So how do you organize an environment like your work space, room and desk?   COLORS!!!!!

I am very big on colors and organization.  It is very important to know what you’re doing and to make sure things never get mixed up, so that is where colors are involved.  My own personal system is relatively simple.  First, you have to designate a color for each class which means notebooks, folders and or binders in that color, therefore every assignment within that class already has that color.  Second, labeling is a great thing.  Labeling an agenda, planner and calendar is SO MUCH easier if you already have a color coded system.  Once, the colors are assigned you just kind of go to town matching the designated class color with a pen, pencil, marker, or crayon that color and label all the assignment and test due dates that you have and from there everything falls into place.  Since, the colors are in place it makes doing assignments easier in my opinion so instead of having to remember the class I remember the color for that class and pull out everything for it and automatically know what I have to do since everything matches.  That’s also the same way I keep my desk organized is in that same system with colors.  All notebooks, folders and textbooks are in stacks with the day that the class is with the appropriate textbook with it.  So there is never a messy desk because everything has it’s own place.

This system of planning and organization has helped me throughout all of my schooling so far.  I did it all throughout High School and I have done it every semester since I have been in college, and it has never failed me.  It is also a very efficient system when working a desk job with a lot of paperwork.  In addition to all of the organization it helps for cognitive functions like memory and gives you a better quality of thinking.  It does this through simply being organized and knowing when and where things are so that you are never frantic to know when something is going to be due.  And if you are already organized you won’t be stressed out; so not being stressed allows you to think more clearly in many situations and be a lot more focused.

2 thoughts on “Organization and Cognition

  1. sspitzer

    I found this blog post to be very interesting as I am one who often finds myself struggling with organization and planning. I fully rely on my planner when it comes to being sure that assignments get submitted on there due dates but I have never tried the color coded system. This system seems to be very beneficial in keeping individuals well organized. I certainly believe that good organization and good planning have a positive effect on ones cognitive functions. Because of good organization and planning individuals will not have the overwhelming load of stress to figure out what needs to be done next. I also really like the eye catching images that were used in this post. As college students we have all found our selves feeling overwhelmed and buried like the top image, but with good organization and planning techniques we have been able to overcome that feeling and become more like the bottom two images.

  2. tanjina

    Reading this blog post made me feel really good about myself. I tend it try to keep things as organized as possible and frankly it has calmed a lot of unnecessary anxiety. One thing I always do that I also read in this post is keeping things color-organized. I am very specific when it comes to organizing my things for classes. I love keeping my folders, notebooks, even sticky notes all the same color for different classes. This makes organizing a lot easier, it makes things more accessible, and there is a sort of peacefulness in knowing all the blue things are together and all the red things are together. There have been times where I have gotten lazy and just let things be. However, by the end, I felt like I was more concerned about what is where rather than the work itself. Planners have also been a big help with keeping things organized. It helps me a lot when I can write things down and prioritize from there. This was a very interesting post!

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