Race and Intelligence: Terrible and Dangerous Science

There was an op-ed posted on The New York Times’ website entitled “How Genetics is Changing our Understanding of ‘Race'”. Written  by David Reich, the piece talked about such things as race and IQ, and how there are differences in genetics between different groups of people that might make them different than other groups of people. The biggest idea is that a person’s race has an effect on their IQ. This is a belief that has been debunked before because it does not hold any real science.

There was then an article on Slate talking about the original article which said that David Reich was trying to bring up dangerous science that has been disproved numerous times. The author of the Slate article talked about how he was once a geneticist who fell into the trap of believing that IQ and race went hand in hand but eventually realized there was no scientific facts to back it up.

You see talk like this in certain parts of the world. This is only an example and is not necessarily true in any way, but take the idea of a white southern male who has racist views. He might believe that black people are lazy and dumb simply because of the color of their skin. This holds no weight because that is not how race and character traits work. On the other hand the black person might view the southern white male as being dumb and ignorant because he is a white person living in the south. These stereotype people have are dangerous to have because they are not backed up by scientific evidence.

This idea that race has an impact on a person’s IQ is something that has been used in historical cases with the biggest example being WWII and Hitler’s extermination of the Jewish people. His belief that simply because they were Jewish meant they were inferior led to one of the largest genocides in history. We cannot allow these dangerous beliefs to rise into main stream science and into the everyday persons thoughts because it could lead to something dangerous for us all.


Here is the link to the New York Times’ :https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/23/opinion/sunday/genetics-race.html

Here is the link to Slate’s article: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/04/stop-talking-about-race-and-iq-take-it-from-someone-who-did.html

1 thought on “Race and Intelligence: Terrible and Dangerous Science

  1. mhowell3

    “How Genetics is Changing our understanding of ‘Race’” written by David Reich is an amazing article. I read it for my Social Issues class. It has always been an ideal put in to my life by my family that everyone is the same and is created equal but when reading his article, I realized that there were people in the world that believed that races are different and therefore we are created differently genetically. This ideal drove me crazy because it just takes every stereotype and somehow makes it true but it isn’t scientifically proven. I found it intriguing, how the Slate article is a counteractive perspective of David Reich’s article, especially since they both have geneticist backgrounds. Both coming from two different perspectives and then comparing them together was a smart idea. Your example that of a white southern male who has racist views against a black person was very original thinking and helped to simplify your thoughts and ideals that you wished to get across in this blog post. I think that you using this platform to get your views and perspective across was a smart idea and it worked tremendously for not only you but also for others who have a new perspective on this subject.

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