Risky President?


Could Donald Trump be considered a risky choice as president which lead him to win the election? Well according to this article Donald Trump was easily seen as unusual and risky as a presidential candidate which lead it to be a great winning strategy for him. Dr.Hyman who wrote the article believe that this could be an effect of framing in persuading the minds of voters that he could actually be a great president.


Framing effect is when a decision is being made and the aspects of that decision are phrased can be irrelevant to the decision but is influenced by choices, that people make.


Kahneman and Tversky introduced their argument regarding heuristics and framing effects they stated that when people make decisions they will sometimes focus on their gains and in other situations, they focus on their losses. This argument was explained in the experiment that they ran the potential outbreak of an epidemic that will kill 600 people and the people in the experiment had two options of who they would save. This experiment focused on the issue of how the decision is framed based on gains and losses.


Considering framing effects, a focus on losses and risk-taking and fear will lead people to choose a risky gamble. Donald Trump was considered a risky candidate, with his peculiar statements, and not exactly stating what type of policies he would pursue, he was not your traditional candidate. It’s said that the Republican parties have focused on what had been lost and also sharing fears of future losses. Because the republican parties had been focusing on the losses they were more than likely go for a risky president.


In the article, it discussed the framing effects that trump used during his campaign were words he focused on such as; loss, lost, losing, afraid, wrong and worse when describing the economy. He then leads voters to believe that he could make America great again by focusing on these losses and writing wrongs. A lot of people view things in terms of a loss and have certain fears of what the current state of the world is in. By having someone like Donald Trump in office it offers risk and that is something that the voters wanted to hope that risking him as being president would be the only way we could have change happen in our country. It seemed as if he would do something unusual the more he would shine and become appealing to voters.

Although I did not vote for trump the article did help me to understand what the appeal could have been for others that did vote for him. Maybe it was good strategies and framing effects that persuaded voters to think that he would be the best option for our president. I am not a big risk taker I like to stick with a safer option in any aspect.





2 thoughts on “Risky President?

  1. elliebenning

    Framing effects are very important for politicians because these little things can persuade voters minds. This is crucial because these little things can win you an election. Also it is important to know that the kind of polls people view can also persuade votes. Overall framing has a lot to do with politics because you also want to make yourself look better compared to the person you are running against.

  2. russellb

    Interesting post and I would say Donald is risky, but seems to be effective. I can honestly say I voted for the man because I though he would be risky and would do things different from Obama. I would say I’m not a big risk taker, but I believe both candidates this past election had a lot of risk when considering what Hillary was or is still involved with. Anyways I don’t like getting into politics but great post.

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