Food for Thought.. literally

Did you know that there are some foods that promote your best brain and your brain’s health? The phrase ‘food for thought’ actually means something. The term brain fog is used in reference to people who experience brain confusion, forgetfulness, or lack of focus. I’m sure we have all experienced this once or twice in our lives. Certain foods could clear someone’s brain fog and make your brain more focused. These foods are celery, bee pollen, bone broth, dark chocolate, sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, beets, spinach, coconut oil, maca, chia seeds, and tumeric. Celery is said to lower rates of age-related memory loss while bee pollen is a great source of boosting your energy. Bee pollen will give you a boost of energy similar to a cup of coffee while increasing your brain’s stamina. Bone broth has been shown to increase sleep and memory according to a Harvard University study. Dark chocolate has ingredients in it that increase blood vessel function which in return improves blood flow to the brain which increases cognitive function. Both seeds mentioned contain an ingredient similar to serotonin which will boost your mood and decrease levels of anxiety and depression. Like dark chocolate, beets also increase blood vessel function. Spinach contains nitrates which will also increase blood flow as well as prevent or delay dementia. Our brain is made up of mostly fats. When we do not have enough fat in our brain, it could possibly lead to Alzheimer’s or dementia. Coconut oil increases fat in the brain and therefore lowers the possibility of those diseases. Like coconut oil, walnuts are also high in fatty acids and contribute to lowering the possibilities of those diseases. Maca is apart of the radish family and is shown to reduce anxiety, mood swings, and depression. Chia Seeds are similar to walnuts and coconut oil because they increase valuable fatty acids in our brain. Tumeric has been shown to boost memory and begin the process of creating new brain cells. The next time you have a test or a large project due, try incorporating some of these foods into your diet to get the best cognitive function possible!



6 thoughts on “Food for Thought.. literally

  1. scolon

    This is really interesting and definitely left me with a question. How exactly do you eat bee pollen? And I wonder what that tastes like because the results sound nice. Mostly this is really informative because I didn’t know half of this before I read it. I defiantly feel like I have been in a brain fog before in my life so that is really relatable. Thanks for the informative blog post!

    1. swoodsid Post author

      Bee Pollen comes in a powdery form so it is very easy to mix into smoothies, tea, or anything really. My sister will occasionally use it! I have never tried it, but she describes it to have kind of a natural sweetener taste that can sometimes be a bit bitter depending on what you mix it with. You’re welcome!

  2. abeasley

    There is so much in your post that I did not know! I have heard myths about certain food making people more alert, but I did not know that it included sunflower seeds or bee pollen! I definitely will be taking this into account the next time I have brain fog.

    1. swoodsid Post author

      Awesome! I’m glad I was able to give you new useful information to get out of a brain fog! I know I’m definitely doing as much as I can during finals week!

  3. sdavis4

    I am a huge tea drinker and I have found some interesting things added to tea to promote health and wellness for your body and mind. I also heard about dark chocolate being good for you, spinach and broccoli. I will agree with the other commenters and say I have not heard of bee pollen although a very interesting fact I am not sure I am brave enough to try it. Very interesting blog post!

    1. swoodsid Post author

      I am a huge tea drinker too! I really think the benefits from tea are authentic! I also eats loads of spinach and broccoli. My sister will occasionally use bee pollen (she is brave enough). It comes in a powder form to mix into things if you’re ever willing to try it! Thank you!

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