concussions and amnesia

As I was looking for memes I searched for concussion memes (in hopes of finding something I can tie into cognitive psychology, likely amnesia) which was when I stumbled upon this gem. Right off the bat there were a few things I noticed that I found to be quite comical. First, all over his jersey, there are signs saying “handle with care” and “keep upright”. Seeing these reminded me of a movie where there was a football player who constantly got concussions and they would poke fun at him, saying one more hit and you will be out, better be careful… I also noticed that the grammar was wrong. Instead of I’ve it says Iv’e. This may have been an error but I like to think it was done on purpose.

I found an article from Medial Daily online and it had a video that talked about concussions and memory loss an how it can lead to memory problems. In the video they showed a clip of Hank Green (known for his crash course videos). Many posts I have seen talk about movies where a main character got amnesia from a car crash or some other accident. This article goes in depth about concussion induced amnesia and how they are real and are extremely serious. While the most common causes of amnesia include strokes, brain surgery, and brain infections; concussions are just as serious. A concussion occurs when “a bump to your head or body rattles your brain around in your skull, damaging delicate tissue” according to Green. He then goes on to explain how blows like this may make you feel minor headaches, or tired, but the effects are more serious. When you take a hit to your head, the fragile neurons in your brain are “sloshed” around and can lead to post traumatic amnesia. After that he goes in depth about the biology of it all. Towards the middle of the video Green begins to talk about the two types of amnesia: retrograde and anterograde, both of which can be caused by concussions. Just to refresh your minds, retrograde amnesia is when you forget things that have happened in the past, aka before the injury. It is fairly common for athletes who get concussions to forget what happened in the moments leading up to their injury. In more severe cases, athletes can forget days, weeks, or even years, leading up to their injury. Green explained that as the brain tissue heals, some of the moments can begin to come back. This is actually something I did not know until I watched the video. Then you have anterograde amnesia. This is when you are incapable of creating new memories (Ex: Dory from Finding Nemo). Concussions can also cause you to have troubles paying attention following the injury.

Watching this video gave me a better understanding about how serious concussions are. Also I learned about the biological reasoning behind concussions and amnesia in a way that actually made sense to me.

If you would like to watch the video in full you can click the link below:

Concussion And Memory Loss: Amnesia From Head Injury Rattles Brain Chemistry, Leads to Cognitive, Memory Problems-

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  1. spassley

    I think concussions do not receive enough attention in the sports field. I am working towards a Masters Degree in Athletic Training and concussions are serious and athletes do not take them to heart. This is THE BRAIN we are taking about, what makes them play, walk, talk, and function. However they take it for granted and will get several concussions and will not take it seriously until severe and often irreversible damage has been done. I know I definitely will be stressing the importance and dangers associated with sports induced concussions.

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