We can see what you are thinking…..WHAT?

I remember at the very beginning of the year, when we started talking about memory, and Dr. Rettinger shared his wife’s ability to remember exactly what each other were wearing on their first date. We very quickly distrusted her explanation because very rarely do people actually remember such specific details for such a long period of time. Along with that misconception is the constant psychological struggle to find the most accurate way to explain peoples thoughts. In fact, Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis was quickly challenged and questioned because there was no way to prove what was being heard. But here is the turn of the generation and a perfect example of how technology continues to impact society, what if i told you that “one day scientists will be able to see the images and memories in our mind?” (Beck, 2015).  If the thought of people being able to see what you are thinking does not scare you and freak you out, then I do not know what could.

I stumbled upon the Princeton Alumni Weekly Magazine, and to my advantage the cover of the magazine said  “BRAIN” and the theme of the articles are all information related to the function of the brain. This article about being able to see what we are thinking completely blew my mind; so I decided to share it with y’all. The whole idea of the article is to explain how we will be able to do such a thing, and basically it is a device that is very similar to the eye tracker but that you can place in the brain and watch the mental images in real life. They realized that they can place the tracker in corresponding area of the brain that needs to be analyzed or looked at, with the help of the fMRI. The mind tracker imager does not exist yet, but its a work-in process. They are hoping this will elaborate and help the outcomes of therapies, specially with people suffering from phobias, depression, and PTSD.


I am really interested to see how this works, and the effects it will have on society. Specially areas like psychology and the law. Imagine if all of a sudden we can see exactly what happened without having to prove it right from wrong? If you hadn’t already thought about the future and the crazy things it may bring, and the amusingly ways in which our lives will be changed, this will do that for you and hopefully scare you a little bit.



Beck, Taylor. “Decoding the Brain.” Princeton Alumni Weekly (2015): 38-41. Print.

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  1. Bri

    What an interesting concept you came across! It sure would neat to see how this progresses with science and technology advancing every day. Would it be beneficial though to “see our thoughts” ? What if it became available to the public? Would that do more damage than good? Something to consider.

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