An Extensive Vernacular can be Fortuitous


I have always had a love of vocabulary words ever since I was little. Whenever we received our vocab lists to study in elementary and middle school, I made it my duty to memorize the whole thing which ended up paying off when it came to taking the SAT’s later in life and definitely explains why I chose to double major in English and Psychology as well. It turns out that there is another benefit that comes from having an extraordinary grasp of vocabulary; it can protect you from cognitive impairment that occurs as you get older. reported a study that was done at the University of Santiago de Compostela on how having a wide vocabulary influences the cognitive reserve in older generations. The researchers wanted to better understand the relationship between vocabulary level as an indicator of previously acquired intellectual skills and cognitive function. With a sample of 222 people who were mentally acute and 104 who suffered mild cognitive impairment, there was a total sample of 326 people over the age of 50 being studied. The participants’ vocabulary level, years of schooling, job complexity, and reading level were all measured and an analysis test was used to determine vocabulary scores to use in the study. The researchers used a regression analysis to figure out the probability of damage to the level of vocabulary in the participants. What the researchers found was that cognitive impairment was more common in those with lower vocabulary levels and that participants with high levels of vocabulary were thus more protected from cognitive impairment at an older age.


I found this article to be every interesting; it was very straightforward in reporting the findings of the research without much frivolous backstory to overpower the study done which I greatly appreciated. I would have liked there to be more of a connection that was done with the research and the real word. I think that if this study was brought into public light and brought to the attention of the general public, it would be responded to positively and would be extremely helpful to future generations all around the world. If schools began making vocabulary a greater part of the curriculum and maintained that through high school then we would see a decrease in cognitive impairment when those generations reached their elder years. Having both of my grandparents suffer from cognitive impairment is very hard to deal with and I cant help but think that if I keep increasing my vocabulary, my grandchildren won’t have to experience seeing their grandparents lose their mental acuity. I think that everyone can agree that this study is very applicable and instrumental to explore in our day and age where science is making so many new discoveries on how to improve our life span and that if we continue to pursue this research, old age will become something to look forward to, not to fear

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  1. elisepoffenberger

    This is a very interesting post. It is definitely understandable how having a wider vocabulary helps you in life, especially during the times of the SATs. I can relate to what you said about your grandparents too. My grandfather also suffered from cognitive impairments. Although I feel as if I already have a wide variety of vocabulary, but I will continue to increase it. I agree with you when you say that you don’t want your grandchildren to see you lose your mental acuity.

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