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    • concussions and amnesia

      As I was looking for memes I searched for concussion memes (in hopes of finding something I can tie into cognitive psychology, likely amnesia) which was when I stumbled upon this gem. Right off the bat there were a few things I noticed that I found to be quite comical. First, all over his jersey, […]

    • Cognitive Illusions

      For this blog post, I decided to go with a meme about cognitive illusions, one of the topics we discussed in class. I chose this specific image because we did not talk much about this one in class, however, it was probably one of the first images I came across in psychology. In this illusion, […]

    • Is Spelling Truly Important?

      As I was scrolling through Facebook a couple weeks ago, I came across this post. I found this post intriguing since we were learning about word recognition in class. How was my brain able to sift through this mess relatively quickly? I’m going to be honest- I’m still not completely sure. Our brains are so incredibly […]

    • Cognitive Dissonance

      Throughout the election season and President Trump’s term, there are many people to point out his flaws. One of them being the recurrence of cognitive dissonance. I have never been more fascinated as to how many times someone can have inconsistent beliefs on so many different topics. Therefore, I decided to combine that with my […]

    • Interference: what is it? & possible solutions

      I dread getting the email from the saying “UMW’s policy requires users to change Active Directory (AD) passwords every 90 days and your password is set to expire in 10 days.” I feel as if I just had changed my password and was finally starting to remember it and now have to remember a brand new password. […]

    • Face recognition: A daily struggle for some but not all.

      A good friend of mine came up to me on Monday with a really bizarre story about her boyfriend. She said she had been meaning to ask me, as a psychology major, if I had any knowledge about the topic. I was very surprised and intrigued to know what this was all about. Shocked, herself, […]

    • There Was A Gorilla???

        This meme is an accurate representation of how I felt after watching “The Invisible Gorilla” video. I just couldn’t believe that a gorilla had walked through the two teams, and that I wasn’t capable of seeing it! How did that happen? Why was it so hard to count the passes AND find the gorilla? […]

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