Emotional Intelligence as a Problem Solving tool Life Hack #3

Ever felt like you couldn’t make good decisions because your emotions would get in the way? There are ways to get around that by using your emotions intelligently to your benefit as a way to solve problems that arise– without getting too upset. It can be developed as a powerful problem solving tool. The usual problems that come about individuals who feel like they want to be right and win the argument all the time there is a way to harness that and make a win-win situation. Through the use of emotional intelligent skills it creates social skills, problem solving skills, adaptability, empathy, assertiveness and concern for others as well as yourself (Jeanne Morrison PhD). With these methods you could be able to explore the issues and coming up with creative solutions.

Four steps to using emotional intelligence as a problem solving tool:

Identifying your emotions: The best way to solve something is to identify. Identifying what youre feeling and determine whether it is something real and practical or something fornicated. For example, when you go back to your high school reunion and your high school enemy is doing better than you in life and you’re feeling jealousy. Think about whether or not what you’re feeling is because you haven’t achieved what you wanted to in life yet or you’re really just jealous.

Facilitate your Emotions: Take those emotions and guide them into a different direction. Look at things in a different point of view. For example, if you’re jealous of a neighbor in your classes grades, figuring out the obstacle instead of letting it get you off track and consume you.

Understanding your emotions: Once you start to understand that emotions aren’t easy as pie and start taking control of your own you can learn to help others control theirs and it will make you feel more in control. You will be able to use this with your other students, coworkers, customers at work and even your boss.

Manage you Emotions: Managing your emotions doesn’t mean you have to hide your feeling but rather separate the typical and the no nuseful. Next time you may feel jealous, you’ll be able to harness those emotions more quickly and better manage your feelings and your behavior thereafter. Once you understand and get the foundations of control over the things that stress you out, then you can handle those life problems being thrown at you. (Dr. Michael Roizen, MD)

Emotion can be one of the strongest influences in a peron’s problem solving skills and intelligence. Learning to control those emotions can lead to better decisions in logicical situations. Understanding yourslelf is key, Getting rid of those confirmation biases and norms of thinking you can start to think further into youself but helping other as well.

As discussed in class, we’ve learned about many of the norms of thinking in people and society, and intelligence through logic and that takes a form of lots of reaction through emotion which can be controlled with discipline.

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2 thoughts on “Emotional Intelligence as a Problem Solving tool Life Hack #3

  1. sfreeman503

    Wow, this could be very useful! I’m sure I’m not alone in tending to get a little emotional. I will make sure to keep this life hack in mind. I liked how you clearly explained each step and numbered them. This made the life hack easy to follow and understand. I also like the picture!

  2. csulliv3

    This is really cool. Usually when I get emotional with a problem I try to suppress the emotion hoping that I’ll be able to think more clearly without the emotion clouding my judgement. However its really cool to see how you can use the emotion to actually help solve the problem by really giving in and analyzing how you are feeling. Definitely will make me think differently next time I come across a problem solving that I feel emotional about!

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