Give your brain a workout!

For a couple of dfinal blog imageays, I felt like I was forgetting everything.  What that person’s name was, what I told myself to remember, and little things here and there.  I feel like I have a sharp memory, I am very good with names and moments some people think are irrelevant.  After getting frustrated with myself, I decided to research what you can do to improve your memory.  With my family history, this is very important to me and I wanted to start doing these tips as soon as possible.  I came across this article from,, and decided to see what I can do, or if it was even possible, to improve my memory.

Neroplasticity is this ability of the brain to adapt and change, so it is definitely possible to enhance your ability to learn new information by forming new neural pathways.  These neural pathways help you recall information, but using different pathways stimulates your brain even more.  The more you use these different pathways, the better you will be at recalling and processing information. The next question is how can you strengthen and change these pathways?

Learning something new and challenging is one of the best ways to boost your brain.  Choose an activity that you have always wanted to try and learn how to do it to improve your memory by developing new skills and keeping your mind engaged.  There are plenty of brain training television shows and games, yet these activities have not been proven to increase you memory.  Don’t waste your time on these gimmicks and pick something like learning how to play the piano instead.  Another way to improve your memory is to exercise.  Not only is exercise good for your physical health, it is good for your mental health as well.  Exercise can wake you up if you are tired, get your blood pumping, and requires using your motor skills, all of which are connected to your brain function.  The next way to keep your brain working at its best is to get enough sleep.  Sleeping eight hours each night can help you consolidate memories, which will help you when you want to retrieve those memories when you wake up.  There are many other tips to help you improve your brain functioning, which will in turn improve your memory because you are continually training your brain.  If you are having trouble remembering what you were supposed to do before you left for class or what that song was, try some of these helpful tips, and overtime your brain will thank you.

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  1. rkosmack17

    I agree with you that you can do different tasks on a daily basis, in which you can improve your cognitive memory. My mom used to do the sudoku puzzle in the newspaper and it apparently it can give your brain a real workout. The key though is sticking to doing these tasks, because the more you do them, you can slowly master that type of task. Practice makes perfect, right? By stimulating different parts of your brain, you’re strengthening those areas that are not used as much.

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