Conservatives and Liberals

Conservatives and Liberals Do Think Differently

In this article, Mark Beeman and Jordan Grafman have conducted a study about how conservatives and liberals (on a political spectrum) differ in thought and problem-solving processes. The study was conducted with 130 people, randomized with ethnicity and age. These people had to solve (non-political) problems using the Compound Remote Associate (CRA) problems.  They were able to possibly say that conservatives think more structurally and persistent cognitive styles, while liberals were able to have “A-HA!” moments and use instinct to solve problems. Both groups have shown the ability to use both methods, but usually use the method most comfortable or most repeated to solve these problems.

Beeman, M., & Grafman, J. (2016, March 15). Conservatives and liberals do think differently. Retrieved April 22, 2016, from

One thought on “Conservatives and Liberals

  1. Aubree

    This post was very interesting and I believe it tells us a lot about why these two groups have a problem seeing eye to eye. Each political group has different views on every important issue and this may be explained by their different problem solving styles. I hope they further explore this issue, use it to understand their differences, and seek for ways to reduce the turmoil.

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