Everyone is a little bit blind

In class we learned about the human eye and how the retina contains rods and cones, when light hits the rods and cones the receptors fire, which sends signals to the brain for visual recognition. But did you know that all humans have a blind spot in their eye?

Why do humans have a blind spot? In the article that I read, it says that the blind spot is the part of the retina known as the optic disk, where the optic nerve leaves the eye. The optic disk is also the point in the eye where blood vessels enter to allow blood flow. The optic disk has a diameter of about 0.06 inches. All humans have a blind spot in their vision because there are no rods or cones at this point in the retina. But why don’t we notice this gap every time we look at something? There are a couple different theories out there to why we don’t notice the blind spot in our vision. One of the theories is that the brain uses visual signs of the person’s surroundings to fill in the missing piece. Another theory says that the opposite eye actually compensates for the blind spot. The brain is so well trained at filling in the missing piece of your vision that it is really hard to notice your blind spot. But if you want to see if you can detect your blind spot, or if you don’t believe you have a blind spot in your eyes then check out this image below.


While looking at the image make sure your nose is lined up in between the cross and the circle. Then, cover your left eye and with your right eye stare at the cross. While you are staring with your right eye at the cross slowly start moving closer to the computer screen. As you get closer the circle will start to disappear. You have just found the blind spot in your right eye. Now do the same thing with your left eye. Cover your right eye and stare at the circle with your left eye and move closer to the screen. You will notice that the cross will disappear at a certain distance. You have just found the blind spot in your left eye. I did this test a few times for each eye and each time the circle or cross disappeared.

After doing this test you realized that you do in fact have a blind spot in your eyes. But, according to researchers people are able to shrink their blind spots by doing certain exercises. How is something like that even possible? In this article the author wrote about a small study that was conducted that involved 10 subjects who were given specific eye exercises to do. The researchers of this study found that by doing these exercises you can shrink your blind spot by 10%. It’s amazing how our brain is capable of filling in the missing pieces of vision and we don’t even notice it. The brain is capable of so many things that we shouldn’t take it for granted.